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      Colleen Galvin, PA

      Colleen Galvin, PA

      Colleen Galvin, PA

      Regenerative Medicine

      Colleen Galvin is an extremely experienced and talented health and wellness specialist. She is a licensed Physician Assistant (PA). Colleen holds degrees from the University of Osteopathic Medicine, the Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, and a doctorate from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. We are very proud to have her join our Team!

      She uses a diverse range of treatments to personalize her care for each patient. She has a specialized knowledge of advanced regenerative aesthetic treatments, male and female sexual health, bio-identical hormones, weight loss, sports medicine, functional, regenerative and oxidative medicine, neurotransmitter therapy, osteopathic manipulation, orthopedics, and acupuncture.

      • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
      • Stem Cell Treatments
      • Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, and Joint Injections
      • Sexual Enhancement
      • Hair Rejuvenation
      • Aesthetics
        • PRP Facials
        • Facelifts with Juvederm, Radiesse, Fat, Stem Cells, Umbilical Cells, Exosomes, and other fillers.
        • Threads and threading procedures
        • Medical and aesthetic Botox, Dysport, Laser Therapy
      • Functional Medicine
      • Anti-Aging
      • Weight Loss Programs and Management
        • HCG, HGH, Diet, Exercise, Fasting, Cleansing and Detox Programs
      • Advanced IV Vitamin & Mineral Therapy & Chelation
      • Ozone Treatment
      • Pain Management
      • Osteopathic Manipulation (OMT)
      • Acupuncture
      • German Biological Medicine, Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies
      • Chinese Herbal Medicine

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